Test day at Ulez airfield 01.05.2011

GTAm is now running smoothly, we've solved all the issues from last race, Alfa was running all day covering many test kilometers and getting some more brutal look with all the insects it killed.

Marek's Giulia was finetuned during the day and started performing as expetected but unfortunately the flywheel has shattered at 6000 rpm (!!) and damaged gearbox in the Giulia and done some minor damage to the GTAm. Fortunately noboby was hurt as the bits and pieces of the flywheel have spread in 20 meters radius...

Our friends from Classicauto have brought the latest Giulietta QV to compare with our true Alfas. Conclusion is that even though it's a very decent road car, on the track it's a bit dissapointing.

Great test day! Next event - Zolder.

Photos by Wojciech Jurecki - Classicauto

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