About us

We are workshop; experienced in body restoration, but also in high performance mechanical modification. We can offer the finest body repair and restoration services combined with mechanical upgrades which range from mild to wild.

Our staff of experienced technicians has restored over fifty vehicles before combining their talents to form REZ Classic Cars. One of our principals is a winning racing engine builder and driver who imparts his experience and talents into every engine we rebuild.

What sets REZ Classic Cars apart from your average repair shop doing restoration work as a sideline - is our intimate knowledge of construction techniques used to build the classics. One has to know what the problem is before correcting and improving upon it. We use traditional labor intensive techniques which produce accurate sub-structures and body contours rather than piling on fillers and hiding it with paint. These techniques are enhanced with our use of modern materials and technologies to provide the client with a durable restoration which exceeds the quality of the original vehicle.

REZ Classic Cars can offer this combination of old-style craftsmanship and new technologies at affordable prices due to professional internal management controls and practices. This is not a body-shop operated by some good ole boys who like cars. RS Classic Cars has professionals on their staff who review each new project in order to streamline the repair costs and reduce the time from arrival to completion. Your vehicle gets carefully analyzed for visible and potential problems which may be uncovered once repairs begin. An accurate estimate is prepared in advance of work being performed. This reduces long waiting periods for parts and expedites the restoration while saving the client from unexpected delays and excessive expense.

Racing preparation and restoration of race vehicles is another service offered at REZ Classic Cars. With our in-house experience we can repair to original or modify to suit your wishes no matter how extreme! We are experienced in both mechanical services and construction of light weight body panels for your road or race car. If you are looking for more performance from your engine, clutch, suspension, brakes, etc...REZ Classic Cars is the name for performance you can depend on!