Alfa Romeo Giulia Super FIA app K period 19

Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1300 FIA app K period G2

  • weight 950 kg
  • custom made exhaust system with side GTA style exhaust
  • front discs 267mm with Pagid / EBC / CarbonLorraine pads, depending on the track characteristic
  • Eibach 28mm swaybar/ Bilstein suspension setup
  • LSD differential with different ratios depending of track characteristic
  • gear box with light Autodelta gears
  • short steering arms
  • 14 inch 6 or 7 wide¬† on Toyo R888 or Yokohama A048 tires, on wet AVON
  • OMP roll cage
  • COBRA seat SUZUKA PRO carbon shell with¬† OUTLAST upholstery
  • OMP manual extinguisher system
  • 80 liters, custom made, safe fuel tank
  • Stack dials with recording of engine parameters