Dunlop FHR Langstrecken Cup Hockenheimring 2011


Our first race of the season. 2 weeks earlier than usually and therefore we hadn't had enough testing before the race, so we considered the first event as a test of the new GTAm.

Couple lessons learned:

  • there were issues with fuel system, engine was not getting enough fuel, especially at the Parabolica turn
  • oil cooling could be better, we experience higher temperature that we had in the GTV 2000 last season
  • car needs additional fan for the radiator, to keep the water temperature optimal, increased car speed didn't help
  • car is too pretty so Rafal is not that agressive yet on the track, that will change :)
Overall plenty of experience collected over the weekend. Only 4 out of 16 cars in our class have finished the race! There were plenty of technical issues. 1st and 2nd place in our class were taken by two lovely GTAm's from our friends team - Romeoracing. Congrats Markus!